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Tt eSPORTS Challenger Gaming

Tt eSPORTS Challenger Gaming


The Tt eSPORTS Challenger gaming keyboard is the world’s first gaming keyboard with a fan on it. Taking into account gamers’ need to stay cool and help alleviate issues with sweaty hands, Tt eSPORTS added a fan to the keyboard as well as offering 6 programmable macro keys for gaming.

Keep your hands cool
The Challenger keyboard is the first keyboard to have a fan located directly on the keyboard; allowing users to adjust both its direction and location for optimal cooling.

Accessible media keys
With a function key, you can adjust your music tracks and volume via the F1-F7 keys.

Built-in USB port
For those hard to reach mouse cables, you can utilize the USB 2.0 port included with the Challenger keyboard.

Customizable macro keys & onboard memory
Users can program any 6 keys on the keyboard to become macro keys. Across 3 different savable profiles, this offers up to a total of 18 programmable macro keys.


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