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Havit KB389L Gaming

Havit KB389L Gaming


Full 104 anti-ghosting keys
Constructed with 104 floating keys, every floating key with independent brown switch (Kailh switch) and LED light, full anti-ghosting, plug and play, No driver needed.

- 4 Adjustable multiple RGB backlit modes
- 4 unique Interactive RGB Backlit Mode by pressing FN+Insert: One-click Lighting Mode, Ripple Backlit Lighting Mode, One-click Zone Lighting Mode, and Response of Typing Speed Lighting Mode;
- 7 Colors Breathing Mode by pressing FN+Home;
- Always Backlit on Mode by pressing FN+Page Up;
- Side Backlit Mode by pressing FN+Page Down;
- Scanning Backlit from left to right mode by pressing FN+End.
- Backlit brightness and speed adjustment

Unique Side RGB Backlit
The Side RGB Backlit function can be controlled independently by pressing Fn+Print/ Fn+Scroll; it will display 7 colors breathing in circle while power on.

100% Mekaniskt tangentbord med Svensk layout.

590:- Ord. Pris (1190:-)
Artnr: GT5401
Tillverkarens artikelnummer: KB389L
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