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Asus TUF Gaming K7

Asus TUF Gaming K7


Robust gaming-tangentbord med Asus egna Optical-Mech-brytare som är anpassade för att likna mekaniska brytare men använder sig av IR-ljus för exakt avläsning av nedtryckning. Testade för att klara upp till 100 miljoner knapptryckningar. Kretskortet är belagt med skyddande lager som förhindrar oxidering. IP56-klassat och tål mindre partiklar samt vatten och är byggt i extra kraftfull aluminium. Avtagbart, magnetiskt handlovsstöd extra mjukt PU-läder.

Artnr: GT5474
Lagerstatus: i lager


TUF Gaming K7
Battlefield domination beckons with the light-speed actuation of TUF Gaming K7's Optical-Mech switches. Choose linear or tactile to match your play style, and exploit the compact design to stay in command. K7 is water and dust resistant, topped with aircraft-grade aluminum, comes with a detachable wrist rest, and has per-key Aura Sync illumination – for a fast and fun way to light up your gaming world.

TUF Optical-Mech Switches
Each TUF Optical-Mech switch casts a beam of infrared light. Pressing a key causes the shaft to break the beam for near-instant actuation. This unique design eliminates the 5ms debounce delay intrinsic to traditional metal contacts, slashing total actuation time to just 0.2ms – so it's quicker than the blink of an eye!

IP56 Water & Dust Resistance
TUF Gaming K7 delivers industry-leading IP56 water and dust resistance, while our Optical-Mech switches are rated for up to 100-million clicks – or twice the lifespan of traditional mechanical switches. A top plate machined from aircraft-grade aluminum provides stylish exterior strength, and we've even nano-coated the PCB to prevent internal metal parts oxidizing.

Compact Design
TUF Gaming K7's compact, frameless form lets you reach every key easily, so you'll game without distraction. This floating-keycaps design also makes for swift cleaning, with clear all-round access to brush or blow away dust and crumbs.

Aura Sync
Powered by Aura Sync, the entire color spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command to create a keyboard that's uniquely yours – with an individually-controllable LED under every key. TUF Gaming K7's RGB illumination is also easily synced with the extensive Aura ecosystem for gaming environment that really shines.