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Havit MS900

Havit MS900


Designed for the top-notch gamers, the Havit MS900 provides precision, flexibility and comfort. With up to 12000 DPI, theHavit MS900 helps you aiming your target with short mouse movement. On the left side, you can switch between a back-forward-fire plate and a 9-button mmo gaming mouse plate; on the right side, you can choose from two different size of plates to match your palm size and mouse-holding style. You can also program the buttons and the RGB backlight modes with the mouse to match your style and gaming enviornment.

Choose between the 10 RGB lighting modes to make your mouse stands out from others. Press “backward” button + “scroll wheel” button to switch among 10 different unique RGB pre-setting light modes or switch the light off. The light colour, brightness level, breathing speed and effect can be changed to suit your needs through the driver.

High Precision & 6 Adjustable DPI
DPI levels from 1200 to 12000(adjust through driver at your need) ensure fast and precise movement during different games. Polling rate: 125/ 250/ 500/ 1000 Hz.

Mouse Dimensions: 127*72*39mm
Key Number: 8/ 14 Buttons
DPI Resolution: 1200-2400-4800-6200-8000-12000DPI
Interface Type: USB
Cable Length: 1.7m

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