Havit MSKB Gaming

Havit MSKB Gaming

Full 104 anti-ghosting keys

Constructed with 104 floating keys, every floating key with independent brown switch (Kailh switch) and LED light, full anti-ghosting, plug and play, No driver needed.

- 4 Adjustable multiple RGB backlit modes
- 7 Colors Breathing Mode by pressing FN+Home;
- Always Backlit on Mode by pressing FN+Page Up;
- Side Backlit Mode by pressing FN+Page Down;
- Scanning Backlit from left to right mode by pressing FN+End.
- Backlit brightness and speed adjustment

Designed for the top-notch gamers, the Havit MS900 provides precision, flexibility and comfort. With up to 12000 DPI, theHavit MS900 helps you aiming your target with short mouse movement. On the left side, you can switch between a back-forward-fire plate and a 9-button mmo gaming mouse plate; on the right side, you can choose from two different size of plates to match your palm size and mouse-holding style. You can also program the buttons and the RGB backlight modes with the mouse to match your style and gaming enviornment.

Large size design
Measuring 900*300*3mm makes it provide larger usable area to cover keyboard,mouse and stuff on the desktop when playing game.

Paketet innehåller mekansikt tangentbord, mus samt en XXL musmatta, Svensk layout.

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